Hello, I'm Mona Lisa ,... a gentle romantic at heart who loves to be treated with tender kindness. I'm a flowers and chocolates kind of girl who finds some of the simplest gestures to be the most romantic and erotic. It's not expensive gifts or demonstrations of personal wealth that turn me on. Rather, It's full body massages and sweet things whispered in my ear that are romantically and sensationally intoxicating that often leave me weak in the knees.
But what I look forward to most is our time spent together behind closed doors where I can show my appreciation for your company and my natural sensuality can be fully expressed without being judged by
traditional social conventions. While I certainly prefer the feel and touch of a man, I'm not against being a little more adventuresome by inviting another woman to join us, doubling the pleasure factor for both of us.

I am an intoxicating Puerto Rican Bombshell. Shiny black colored hair, Hazel eyes, long legs, soft smooth skin, and a toned curvy body ,  I’m sweet and seductive and take great delight in my ability to thrill you with my sensuality. My goal is to take you away from the pressure and stress of your everyday life and to indulge you with unforgettable relaxing time in my company.

I take great pleasure in meeting mature, multi-faceted, respectful and generous gentleman. I always make each date a stimulating, unforgettable experience for both of us.

.......Now get ready to experience sensory overload at it finest and see why I am an exquisite beauty for men who have affluent taste.


Sensually Yours, Mona Lisa

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